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Bonding With Your Son During A Guided Salmon Fishing Expedition

by Terra Fuller

Calm waters that are stocked with salmon, dense foliage that is part of a rain forest, and the ability to bond with your teenage son while enjoying a hearty meal or playing a game of cards in front of a roaring fire may be the main reasons why you have decided to look into booking an all-inclusive fishing trip. Just stepping away from the metropolis that you live and work in and heading to a simpler setting that is filled with environmental wonders can have a positive impact on your well-being.

Get Accustomed To Waking Up Early And Spending Time Outdoors

Before you book your trip, let your son know your intentions and describe how you would like the adventure to unfold. If your son has been hooked on using his phone for several hours each day or is somewhat of a homebody, he will need to make some changes in his daily routine. Even though some fishing cabins provide internet access and a television, it would be a shame to waste the opportunity to explore the outdoors.

Tell your son that the whole purpose of the trip is to learn more about salmon and the methods used to catch them and that you expect him to be an active participant during the guided fishing excursion. At night, the two of you can plan activities that you both are accustomed to in your daily life, but during each day, full attention should be on fishing and viewing the scenic beauty.

You may want to instill a new schedule for your son, which involves going to bed early and waking up early, so that he will be accustomed to this way of living when it is time to go on the trip. In addition, encourage your son to spend more time with you outdoors. During the time spent outdoors, clean and prepare your fishing tackle, or empty and organize the vehicle that will be driven to the fishing venue. If you will be taking a flight to get to your destination, make arrangements to store your vehicle at a local airport.

Take Full Advantage Of Each Day

After your arrival to the fishing outfitter, review your itinerary and locate the accommodations where you and your son will be sleeping. Meet your tour guide, and walk around the grounds that your cabin is located on. During each guided fishing trip, you will be on a boat for many hours. Your guide may use digital technology to locate salmon and will demonstrate how to reel the fish into the boat. For an additional fee, you can request to have your and your son's catches frozen or vacuum-sealed so that you can bring the fish home with you to cook and eat.