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3 Attributes To Make Your Team's Custom Soccer Uniforms Stand Out

by Terra Fuller

When your soccer team takes the field, you want them to stand out and be recognizable as part of the team. Of course, your team will stand out if they know what they're doing, but the uniforms they are wearing also has a huge part to play. When designing custom soccer uniforms, or sports uniforms of any kind, the outfit should be directly reflective of the team so players are easily associated with the right side. If you go with run-of-the-mill jerseys, you run the risk of having your team look just like everyone else. Take a look at a few ways you can truly make those uniforms pop with personality. 

Opt for highlighted or shadowed font to give more oomph to the team name. 

When the jersey design platform you are using or the design specialist asks if you want to do anything special to the font, make sure you tell them that you want the team name highlighted or shadowed with a contrasting color. For instance, if the team name will be in black, adding a shadowing behind the font in white will really make that team name stand out. This is especially true if the rest of the jersey will be a darker color. 

Go for an ombre effect by bleeding one color into the next. 

This kind of unique color collaboration is only available through certain sporting goods stores that specialize in customized team jerseys. You may pay a bit more for shirts that have one team color bleeding into the next to create an ombre effect, but the end result is pretty spectacular and unique. In general terms, it is best to keep lighter colors toward the top of the jersey. For example, if team colors are green and yellow, the yellow should start at the chest and shoulders and bleed into green about midway down to the hem. 

Consider ringed sleeves in a coordinating color. 

Adding a basic stripe of color around the sleeves keeps the arm movements more noticeable while soccer games are in progress and players are in action. Striped sleeves and other details work well on solid-colored soccer shirts. However, if you have opted for an ombre effect, striped sleeves can still work really well to create that pop of contrast that will be more noticeable on the field. You can simply use the bottom color to incorporate stripes of the same hue.