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3 Things You Should Know When Hiring A Concierge For Your Hotel

by Terra Fuller

A concierge is someone you will commonly find at a 5-star hotel, but you may want to hire one for your hotel even if it isn't listed as a 5-star establishment. If you have never hired a concierge before, you will probably have questions about this, and here are three things you may want to know.

What Type of Training Does a Concierge Receive?

Becoming a concierge does not always require a college education. Many concierges do have degrees in hospitality management, but others simply have high school diplomas. To learn the skills needed for this type of job, many people go through various types of certification programs.

A concierge is a person that offers services to hotel guests and for the staff at the hotel. Because of the duties involved in this job, a good concierge will possess several important character traits, including:

  • Professionalism
  • An attitude for helping others
  • Kindness
  • Attentiveness
  • Knowledge of the area

This is not the type of job most people would be good at. To be successful as a concierge, you must really enjoy working with people and helping them.

What Services Does a Concierge Offer to Hotel Guests?

When guests come to your hotel, there are a lot of things they may need help with, and the concierge can usually assist with many of these things. This may include:

  • Preparing a guest's hotel room a certain way – if you would like to surprise your wife with a bottle of her favorite champagne waiting for her in the hotel room, you could call the hotel's concierge to arrange this for you.
  • Finding directions – a concierge will generally have access to a computer and  printer. He or she will be able to print directions for you to any location you request.
  • Recommending restaurants – people will also ask the concierge about restaurants in the area. He or she may ask what you're looking for in a restaurant, and based on that information, the concierge will recommend places to go.
  • Arranging tickets for events – if you need tickets for an event or reservations made at a restaurant, ask the concierge. Concierges can make arrangements for almost any type of event in the area, and they are glad to help.
  • Setting up rides – guests can also arrange for taxis, bus rides, or rental cars through the concierge.

A lot of hotel guests enjoy using concierge services because they are convenient. This is a great service to offer to your guests, and it really will not cost a lot to do this.

How Much are the Salaries for Concierges?

Hiring a concierge may not be as expensive as you think, and this could be a good drawing factor for people looking for hotel rooms to book. According to Concierge Salary, the salary of a hotel concierge is around $26,350 per year. While you can pay this person an hourly wage or salary, he or she will also earn money through tips.

USA Today reports that there are times when tips are not necessary for concierges, but there are times when tips are part of common hotel etiquette. If a guest asks the concierge for directions, the person should not feel obligated to tip. On the other hand, if someone asks the concierge to do something that is time-consuming or difficult, it is a good idea for the guest to offer a tip.

You could even hire a part-time concierge and offer services at certain times of the day only. This would be a great way to save money and benefit from offering these services.

If you believe this could help improve the quality of your hotel, look into hiring a concierge today. You may end up with more guests because of it, and this could help you make more money.